Those Cold Days


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So I am sure you all know what it's like when the weather just decides it's going to ruin any outfit plans you may of had, it's so frustrating having to start over. This was not the outfit I had originally planned on wearing but the wind was wild, it was threatening to rain (luckily we got the photos done just in time) and was of course very cold, yay! The outfit I wanted to wear would of been fine if it wasn't for my damn choice of shoes and of course noooo other shoe would do, so a complete outfit change it was!

Starting of with my cargo J Brands as they are always a good choice and in my eyes, have always had this perfect casual-chic feel to them, though I would say because of their light material, that they are probably better suited for spring/summer, so I wore a pair of skinny jeans underneath, yep they'll do. I also wore my checked shirt as a red check print always looks cool with khaki, or at least I think so. I then added my Elizabeth & James leather sleeved top, liking how the heavy leather looked against the lighter material of the cotton trousers and well I think you all know by now, I like my layers! 


Instead of opting for I don't know, a waterproof coat, I instead went with a knitted cape, yep because i'm smart you see…. As the appeal of the leather and knit contrast was of something that I just couldn't resist. Finishing of with my knitted scarf, my good old cossack hat, my grenson brogues and some chunky knit socks, for those winter warm details. 


Well I know once again I am all blah blah blah but I hope you all at least like the look. Thanks and take care,


Daniella xox

  • (old) Topshop Hat - another great one Here
  • Topshop Scarf
  • (old) Aubin & Wills Cape
  • (old) Elizabeth & James Leather-sleeved Top - Great one Here
  • (old) Topshop Checked Shirt - Similar Here
  • J Brand Cargo Trousers - Similar Here
  • Topshop Socks - Similar Here
  • Grenson Brogues - Here

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