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Hii Everyone,


So it's 2013! How did everyone spend their New years? Well I spent my New years day giving my room a little pick me up, new sheets and giving a home to the new pieces I received for Christmas. I also sat down to a lovely roast dinner and then finished of with watching some episodes of Boardwalk Empire with my boyfriend. Aww. 


Now on to the exciting news! With thanks to Fashiolista and MissKL I have the opportunity to go to New York Fashion week and even better you could be in with a chance to win a trip to NYFW also. All I need, is for you to vote for me Here! Of course I know it's something I am unlikely to win but I would love to give it my best shot. So if you take a couple of minutes to just lend me your vote I would be more then grateful to you. Thank you ever so much for your help. 


Take care and wishing you all a very Happy and healthy New Year,


Daniella xox

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