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Wish I was Wearing....


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Hi everyone, 


Heres another "wish i was wearing". This is the kind of outfit i'd love to be wearing on a cooler summer day, possibly on a friday and going out for lunch. I like how some of the pieces subtly clash but are then bought together an neutralised by the classic pieces like the little cardigan, the Ray Bans and the simple chain necklace. Also these are great pieces for giving a little nod to the upcoming season. Now I just need to find me a little pot of gold so I can make this outfit MINE! haha yeah right, I know!


Hope you like...



  1. Crumpet cardigan - Here
  2. Stella McCartney Shoes - Here
  3. Willow Trousers - Here
  4. Rodarte Tee - Here
  5. COS Necklace - Here
  6. Ray Ban Sunglasses - Here

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