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Wish I was Wearing - Colours In Winter


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Hi everyone, 


When it's gets to winter I can often crave colour more then ever. This year hasn't been so bad as I have renewed my love and appreciation for the darker pallet but that doesn't keep the colour cravings away completely. So thats why this week its all about how I would love, welcome and style colour in a winter appropriate manner. Ah I sooooo wish I was wearing this!!!! :)


Hope you like this as much as I do. Thank youuu,


Daniella xox


  1. Thom Dolan Jacket - Here
  2. Topshop Scarf - Here
  3. Reiss Skirt - Sorry It's now sold out, I am the worst I know! - Sorta Similar Here
  4. Weekend by Maxmara Knit - Here
  5. Tabitha Simmons Shoes - Here
  6. Acne Shirt - Here

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