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For the last couple of years, you would likely find a lot of my purchases to mainly consist of a pair of well fitting trousers, a skirt, a pair of slightly quirky shoes or a wardrobe worthy coat but an item I've probably neglected buying the most would definitely be blouses and probably tops in general, except for the odd knit. I think that this mainly down to the fact, that three or four years back, blouses were all I seemed to buy and they were usually very romantic and feminine and so I just grew tired of them, as well as my style changing and evolving. But back to the current day and blouses seemed to of made their way back onto my style radar and here I share with you some of favourites, I think they each possess the right amount of grown up femininity whilst also having a fairly easy-chic and simple feel. 



I look forward to reading your comments and tell me, how do you feel about blouses? Are they for you? 


Take care,

Daniella xox


  1. Étoile Isabel Marant - Here  & another lovely blouse Here 
  2. MaxMara - Here 
  3. Vince - Here & cute one Here
  4. Vanessa Bruno Blouse - Here & pretty blouse Here & Here 


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Silky Marant's Last Outing


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So this is probably the last time you'll see me styling these beautiful Isabel Marant trousers this year that is of course unless we have a sudden spurt of summer again like we had last year, which in the case of that happening i'll be wiping them straight back out again. 


So I guess I just wanted to be comfy when I wore these trousers and I was also wanting to style them in a way that really reflected their laid back form. So I wore my Vince khaki coloured knit as the slouchy fit echoed the style of the trousers. I then opted for my olive green scarf by American Vintage rather then a necklace, I liked how its heavier material looked against the lighter ones. I also went with my Tory Burch sandals once again as they worked really well with the rest of the colour scheme whilst also working in those boho tones. 


I have to admit picking a bag was a little difficult but in the end I went with my Topshop backpack, I felt it gave the outfit an overall traveller-chic feel. 


Ah well lovelies, I think i'll leave it at that for today. Hope you like this look. Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox


  • (last years) American Vintage Sacrf
  • (last years) Vince Sweater - Similar Here
  • (now Sold out) Isabel Marant Trousers 
  • (old) Tory Burch sandals - Similar Here

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