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So I don't know if you recognise this vest jacket that i'm wearing? It's the Kaylee Cho piece I showed you in an outfit post a couple of weeks back, you can see it Here. Though this time i'm wearing it open and without a jacket over the top. Everything else i'm wearing is pretty old, so it's always nice to give a little update with a newer piece.


The trousers i'm wearing are probably the oldest in terms of this look and it seems I always end up wearing them with heels, I think because they sit higher on the waist and when teamed with some high heels they give an illusion of making me looking taller then my actual 5'3 maybe 5'4 at a push ;) hight but next time I would like to pair them with some flat sandals, just for something different. The day I wore this, I was really in the mood for some over accessorising, as it had felt like ages since I last did an ultimate pile up of necklaces, so i'm glad they've finally made a comeback. I'm also quite into teaming my Cooee clear bracelet with this old wooden bangle of mine, it creates an interesting modern meets earthy vibe. Anyway I guess i'm talking a little more about my accessories today because I feel it was these touches that really made this look. 


But anyway, what do you think? I look forward to reading your comments! 

Thank you lovelies and take care,


Daniella xox



  • Kaylee Cho Vest - View Her collection Here 
  • (old) Necklaces
  • (old) Vanessa Bruno Athe Trousers - Loving the look of these Here  Here 
  • (old) Pedro garcia Wedges - great alternative Here
  • (Clear Bracelet) Cooee - Shop Here  

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Wish I was Wearing.....


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Hi lovelies, 


Ah yes another wish i was wearing here for you. Looking at this now it dose come across quite transeasonal rather then - bang in the middle of summer but maybe it's because i've been wearing quite minimal outfits in terms of the amount of items i'm actually wearing due to summer heat. I know these picks might look a bit random apart but can you imagine them together? ah… prints, textures, colours and layered loveliness! 




  1. COS Sweater - Here
  2. Erdem Skirt - Here
  3. Gianvito Rossi Shoes - Here and Similar Here
  4. Illesteva Sunglasses - Here and Similar Here
  5. Vanessa Bruno Shirt - Here and Similar Here
  6. Michael michael Kors Bag - Here
  7. Topshop socks - Here

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