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Little Leather Love


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So I much prefer to take photos outside and obviously I prefer to share my outside photos on the blog. But the weather continues to mainly be awful, the rain has been pretty bad in the Southwest, a lot of homes have fallen victim to flooding, though luckily the village we live in is fairly safe from that. Though that's not the only reason why I have taken photos inside a little more over the last couple of weeks, sometimes I just think it's nice that every now and again I share what I wear on the day's when i'm at home and when i'm of the opinion that the outfit deserves just a few shots. But don't worry, I promise i'm not going to be sharing my jogger and hoodie attire with you all any time soon, well, unless things get desperate! 


We don't have the best natural lighting in our home, which is annoying but it'll do. Simple in a thick-knit sweater, an old favourite leather skirt and yes once again, my Isabel Marant loafers. And still one of my favourite things to do, is to throw a tie on it. I find it crazy that more often then not I resort to a tie to add that finishing touch. 


Daniella xox





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Safe From The Rain


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Back on a very rainy day in October, refusing to stay in I decided that me and the boyfriend must go out and get ourselves all cosy in Starbucks and sip away on their latest seasonal hot chocolate, I know we are so original like that. Of course I ended up thinking that my outfit was photo worthy enough to take some photos, the boyfriend thought I was mad because it was raining like crazy and well, these are the sort of days when he ends up becoming grumpy with me and my outfit photo obsession! But I kindly chose a spot where we could both be dry and still get a decent result, see how nice I am… 


For me, i've never really had an issue with wearings skirt when it's the raining, especially when i've got my umbrella on me and yes of course there are those days when i'm not so optimistic but I was feeling brave and rather happy that day, so nothing was stopping me. And in my defence at least I chose practical footwear!


Anyway, take care my dears and enjoy the rest of your day,


Daniella xox



  • Topshop Boutique Blazer - love this Here 
  • American Apparel Shirt - Here 
  • Bruuns Bazaar Scarf - Here 
  • (old) Urban Outfitters Leather Skirt - love this Here 
  • (old) Miu Miu boots - Love these Here & Here 
  • (mums) Necklace 

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Another Leather Skirt Post


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So yeah leather skirts, they rock! This time I pulled out this good old leather mini skirt of mine but kept things simple in my approach by wearing my navy pyjama top with what have been my go-to shoes, these two tone sneakers. I finished off with an accessory that i've been using a lot lately, that being this old grey tie but instead wore it as some sort of head-band-thingy, I found it added a touch more texture and in a way that was still in-keeping with the minimal tone of the look.

And yes i'm back from London Fashion week and hopefully tomorrow I can share more with you and even though I would love to be sharing some pictures with you today, I can't, as something has gone wrong with my Iphoto, so I got to try and fix it quick sharp! Well, thats all! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day lovelies,

Daniella xox

p.s you might of already seen this post, it went live by accident but I am reposting it anyway :)

  • Marks & Spencer Pyjama Top (from a set) love this Here 
  • (old) Urban Outfitters Leather Skirt - Great one Here & Here
  • Les Prairies De Paris Sneakers - love these Here 

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Lady Rock


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  • Hi lovelies, 


I remember it was such a gloomy day when I took these photos and was a little worried about the quality of them but luckily I found a few that I am happy with. 


I was so excited to finally wear this DKNY furry coat that I bought a few months ago and when Autumn/winter hits nothing looks cooler then the textures of something furry with leather, though it's normally leather trousers that you tend to see more of concerning this combo. So I teamed my furry jacket with my old leather skirt that I bought from Urban outfitters a few years ago now. It's not the best quality as it was only from their renewal section but I always love how it looks on. I borrowed my boyfriend's Ramones tee for clear rock chick appeal and yes it could of been so easy to pick my favourite pair of ankle boots to style with this outfit but over the years it feels like I have done that so many times, so instead I decided to contrast those edgy qualities and picked an ultra classic and ladylike pair of shoes, which were of course my Miu Miu faves. Wearing these shoes somehow came across edgier and maybe thats because in my opinion they felt unexpected. 


Accessories included these Illesteva Sunnies, my Alexander Mqueen ring and my chain bracelet for a more minimal finish.


Well I hope you all like this look. Thank you and Take care,


Daniella xox




  • Illesteva Sunglasses - Here
  • DKNY Coat - Here
  • (old) Urban Outfitters Skirt
  • Miu Miu shoes - Here

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Autumn Predictable's


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Hi everyone, 


Whilst I would say this look is nowhere near close to being unexpected, fresh or original, I mean it is just a striped top, a mid length pleated skirt and a furry vest, but this still doesn't mean that I don't love a combination like this just as much. To me this is a classic transeasonal or rather Autumn combination, that I could wear over and over again and not tire of. And I what I love most is that you can make it your own by the shoes and accessories that you choose. 


I chose to wear my very trusty and very old ankle boots that I bought from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago now, their wooden heel and platform gives them a certain edge contrasting the femininity of the skirt, I also made visible these khaki coloured socks just for extra detail. I added a classic brown leather belt to my fury gilet as just by adding a simple thing like this can make all the difference, plus as a waist belt always accentuates your feminine shape, this complemented the ladylike tones of the skirt. As I have clearly rekindled my love for this burgundy bag I stuck with it, which also inspired me to go with a burgundy lip colour which I felt added to those edgy tones. 


Final touches include my YSL ring for a hint of luxe and my Ray Bans because you know I'm addicted! 


Well I hope you like this look as much I do. Thank you and lots of love,


Daniella xox





I also have some exciting news! I am a finalist in the Wonderbra Haul Of Fame Style competition. And on Monday the 5th of November you will get to see my the Haul video I made. I will be needing all your votes to help me win, so pop back on monday when I will have the links. I really would be so grateful. Thanks again x 

  • (old)Topshop Furry Vest - Another great one Here
  • Joseph Striped Top
  • Zara Pleated Skirt - Similar Here
  • (old) Urban Outfitter boots
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

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