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Golden Trousers


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So, for me once summer hits, the silky fabrics and loose fitting clothes come along with it and these trousers by Suno, that I bought last summer have been calling me to rejoice in all their silky, loose fitting and luxe glory. I decided not to let things become to fussy and instead went with some wardrobe classics - a white button up shirt and a little navy cardigan. At the time I couldn't be bothered with jewellery but now I look at these photos and I can't help but think that maybe a statement necklace would of been perfect but oh well, can't do anything about that now. 


Well I hope you like this look lovelies and I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Take care, 


Daniella xox 


  • Cos Cardigan - Similar Here & Here
  • (old) Asos Shirt
  • Suno Trousers - Love these Here 
  • Kurt Geiger Sandals - On sale Here


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Silky Pants & The Rainy Day


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Yes so silk trousers and rain definitely do not mix! Okay so I knew that anyway and you are probably wondering what would posses me to venture out into the rain whilst wearing silk trousers. Well the day before I was due to wear this I checked the forecast SUNNY they said, Great! So the next day I got up, mum had said it had rained a little but then the sun came out and it was just what the weather man had said. I proceeded to get ready, walked out the door, camera in hand and at that very moment a grey cloud distended upon us and RAINED! A blogger reading this knows what a pain in the butt that is. I was running a bit late for where I needed to be already and yes I probably could of ran in to change quickly but I preferred the idea of being stubborn. This was the outfit I wanted to wear and take photos of and that was the end of it. 


Well I am sure you know that these are technically summer trousers but like with any piece I buy I like to make the most out of it, right up until the point I definitely have to put them away. Even though It was raining on and of the weather wasn't to cold so I just about got away with wearing them and styled them with this navy turtleneck by splendid and my favourite leather jacket by Karren Millen and along with my hair, make up and accessories I felt this bought an edgy and unexpected twist to the luxe trousers. 


Anyhoo I hope you like this look and look past the fact that the photos are not great. Thank you for your lovely comments and take care,


Daniella xox


  • (Old) Karren Millen Leather Jacket - Similar Here & Here
  • Splendid Turtleneck - Here & great sweater Here
  • Suno Trousers - Here
  • Miu Miu shoes - Here 

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A Day In The Park: Ft The Ramones Tee


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Hi everyone,


This is What I wore when me and my family decided to take a trip to the park for a yummy picnic and to simply relax one sunny sunday afternoon. 


I wanted to feel comfy so I went for a more relaxed outfit and what's more comfy then pyjama-esque style trousers?! So I stuck with these gorgeous Suno trousers, their luxe vibe keeps me from not looking to dressed down but their relaxed fit stops me from feeling to uncomfortable for an afternoon at the park. I stole/borrowed my boyfriend Ramones tee, for a more 90s-grunge take on these trousers.  


Accessories included my Alexander Mqueen wrap around bracelet, Armani watch, Ysl ring and a couple of beaded bracelets. I'm going to upload some more pictures from that day tomorrow so don't forget to stop by and check them out. 


Thank you my lovelies for reading and I hope you like the look,


Daniella xox 


  • Ramones Print Tee - Similar Here
  • Suno Silk Trousers - Here
  • (old) Alexander Mqueen bracelet - Similar Here


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Luxe in London


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Hi lovelies,


Hope your week is going well so far. These outfit pictures were taking a little while ago now, I just never got round to uploading them. Sorry the quality is not great I was late and was in a rush plus it was probably a bit to dark to go around trying to get some nice outfit shots. So anyway I wore this to Nelly Event in London, it was a memorable night fro sure and I was able to look at lots of gorgeous shoes and met some lovely people including some fellow bloggers. I am not really a going out in the evening type of gal so I was a little out of comfort zone trying to find something to wear. My thinking in the end was that as my style can probably be seen as little OTT  for the day (not that bothers me) so its probably more then fine for the evening, so I just kept to my usual way of styling and bared in mind it was for the evening.  


So I wore my gorgeous Suno, silk Pyjama-esque trousers, they are so eye catching and teamed with my Elizabeth and James silk striped shirt created print play only in a luxe form, which was well suited for evening attire. For my accessories I piled up the necklaces once again and chose my Totem Salvaged Navajo-inspired clutch that I was lucky enough to receive from my mum for my birthday (she has such great taste) I liked how it clashed and came across quite unexpected but yet worked well because of it's colours. 


Okay ENOUGH I hear you saying, so i'll stop now! Hope you like this look. 


Thank you and Take care, Daniella xox



  • (old) Elizabeth and James Silk Shirt 
  • Suno Trousers - Here
  • Totem Salvaged Clutch - Here

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