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Floral On The Street


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Hey lovelies, 


Today my post is slightly different to usual but I hope you like it anyway. A little while ago on a breezy sunday, me and the boyfriend were doing our usual - treating ourselves to a hot chocolate and a sweet treat. It was when I stopped by Topshop, that this young girl caught my eye, now yes, her outfit was lovely, her trousers of course eye catching but it was the confidence and the way she held herself that really caught my attention. I am so used to seeing groups of young girls where I live that all dress similar to each other and so I found it very refreshing to see a girl by herself and completely owning her look. 


For me, apart from at fashion weeks I have never really asked to take someones photo, see i'm actually quite shy and am afraid that they'll say no but i'm making a conscious effort to try an change that. I figured if they say no, i'm actually no worse of but at least I tried. Now i'm not proclaiming to be a street style photographer, as that would be an insult to all street style photographers that are out there but if I see an outfit or a person that catches my eye and evokes a feeling that encourages me to take their photo, then I just might do just that.  


So thank you to Jessie-May for taking five minutes out of your day to allow me to take your photo, it really boosted my day! :D And lovelies I hope you like this post. Thank you for reading and take care,


Daniella xox


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LFW StreetStyle Day 3


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Hii everyone,


Here are some streetStyle photos I took outside the Christopher Kane show when we in London for fashion week. Like I said before I am far from being perfect with the camera but it's so much fun trying to capture all the beautiful style that there is to be caught at LFW. What I noticed is that it really is all about the finer details, they are what give these looks an original edge, that in my opinion can not be replicated and that's why all these people you are seeing above have such an eye catching sense of style. 


I really hope you like these images that I caught on my camera. 


Thank you and Take care,


Daniella xox



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