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LFW Day Two Diary


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Hi everyone,


Hope you are having a great start to your weekend.


Omg I seriously took way to many photos of my trip to London Fashion week so don't think this is even close to being over just yet! Here are some snap shots and also some street style shots that I took during day two of our trip. It really is so amazing to see so much style in one place and to also see so much individuality expressed in the most intriguing, stylish and eye catching forms. The only things I felt slightly saddened by was that there were a few ( and I mean a very small percentage) that came across fame hungry, wanting to get snapped by turning up in outfits that were more circus like rather then what I would call style. Though then again maybe I am just being ignorant. It's just an opinion I guess. 


That day we enjoyed a lovely lunch at Fernandez & Wells which is situated at Somerset house, I had a great sandwich that included mozzarella and Palmer ham accompanied by a glass of still lemonade. YUM!


Well tomorrow I'll be posting the outfit I wore that day, so be sure to stop by and check those pictures out. I really hope you like this post. Thanks and take care,


Daniella xox


Oh and a special thanks to Rosanna & Sietske for sending over a couple of the pictures. 


What you are looking at here is,



  • Pretty sightings on the way to Somerset house
  • Amazing street style 
  • Cute little coffee cart
  • Food from Fernandez & Wells
  • Snapshots of us girlies taking photos, their blogs are here, here & here


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London Fashion Week-Day 1 Photo Diary


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Hi everyone, 


So I am back from my 3 day trip to London Fashion week and the photos that are in this post are all from day 1 of our stay. I had such a great time especially with the lovely Rosanna, Joyce and Sietske who were also there enjoying the experience. We stayed at the Columbia Hotel thanks to Stedentrips.nl where we were all able to get a good nights rest and wake up to a continental breakfast each morning. We also all had such a great time roaming around London soaking up all the style that there was to be seen  there whilst also being lucky enough to attend some shows, including the MATH Spring/summer 2013 show, which I must say was incredible and a favourite of mine for sure. 


Annoyingly I didn't get any photos of my first outfit that were of a good enough quality :( But maybe I'll come across some from others that took my picture that day and if not I am thinking of reshooting it because it is a favourite of mine and would love to know what you all think of it. 


Anyway hope you like and there is much more to come. Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox


The pictures include,