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Hi everyone, 


I just wanted to share this with you, you might of already seen it if you follow me on Instgram but thanks to the wonderful Joyce from Just Like Sushi I learned that I was snapped by The incredibly Scott Schuman the man behind The Satorialist when I attended London Fashion week back in September. 


Like most bloggers when ever I am featured on a blog or in a magazine I am always incredibly flattered and humbled, to know that they liked my style enough to feature me, it's something I always treasure but this was something else. Seeing a little picture of me on The Satorialist amongst other very stylish woman was a joy that I can't really explain, to the point I even felt a bit emotional. Some may call me silly or pathetic for making such a song and dance about this but like many others The Satorialst is one of, if not my Favourite street style blog. In my opinion I find that he captures true beauty, true personal style and in the young and the more mature, whatever and whoever it's nothing less then beautiful. He doesn't just play it safe and go with what the general would like to see, he follows what he believes to be beautiful and stylish and these are just some of reasons why I admire him greatly. 


Please don't consider me to be pretentious or up myself, this post is not about about me showing off (okay maybe a little) it's sharing something with you that truly comes from a humbled, happy and proud place. :)


Thank you for reading and take care,


Daniella xox