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After The Rain Fell


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When I had my first look at these pictures, I just wasn't sure, to the point I didn't know whether I wanted to upload them. More often then not, the more I love an outfit in person, the more the outfit doesn't reach my expectations in photos, it's so annoying and thats how I felt about this outfit. Do you ever have the same feeling when taking your outfit photos? 


Anyway a few hours after looking at them, I wondered what they would look like if they were changed to being black & white shots and ah how I love the easiness of modern technology because when I finally got around to editing them, my opinion on these outfit shots had completely changed. I love them, to me they are just so much for visually striking this way and have now become some of my favourites photos to date! 


Well, thanks for reading. Take care,

Daniella xox


  • (old) Karren Millen Leather Jacket - similar Here & Here 
  • (old) Raoul Leather Top - similar Here  & Here  
  • (old) Dress 
  • Last years KG Kurt Geiger Boots - love these Here & Here 

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Today I wanted to share a look with you all that i've been looking forward to showing you for quite some time. It includes this navy cape by the very unique brand Methodology. I first came to learn about this incredible designer when I was in Paris for fashion week back in February and not only did the aesthetic in general stand out for me but this piece in particular really took my fancy, so you can imagine my delight when it was delivered to me! 


What's interesting about Methodology is they way you can break down the garment to then rebuild it, so each piece can be worn and styled multiple ways, which only proves it's versatile value and if there is a quality I appreciate in an item, it's definitely versatility. I look forward to showing you all more outfits using this piece. 


I hope you like this look and I hope you take the time to check out this wonderful brand Methodology, which you can if you click Here. Take care,


Daniella xox


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A Little Bit Of Everything


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So I called this "A Little Bit Of Everything" as this look was all about attempting to bring together pieces from different style categories to form an outfit that played on contrasting styles and also mixing textures. I found that keeping to a mainly darker pallet throughout, benefited the outcome of the outfit, helping the opposites to blend with subtlety and ease. There are times where I like to clash pieces with a bolder approach but sometimes it's nice for the mismatching to be a little more understated.


The bag you can see is one of my mums, she had found her little collection of evening bags that she'd collected over the years and of course I couldn't resist thieving this lil beauty, it was from Accessorize and I just  think its so pretty and really quite ideal for the theme of this look. 


Well hope you like the look,

Daniella xox


  • (old) Elizabeth & James Kimono - So many gorgeous choices Here
  • Cos Cardigan
  • Raoul Leather Top - Similar Here & Here
  • By Zoe Joggers - Similar Here & Here
  • (old) White Shoes - Love these Here & Here
  • Alice & Olivia Coat
  • (mums) Old Accessorize Bag 


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Cream, Black & Oversized


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Hoping you are all enjoying your weekend. I wanted to show you this look of mine, which included this beautiful dress by the brand Supertrash, it's from their spring/summer line, so it is very light in material which isn't the most ideal for the current weather but still I am so happy with how the outfit turned out.


Wanting to take a minimal approach to styling this piece, I decided to team it with my beloved silk wide leg trousers, the two pieces hung so beautifully together, just the way one would want them to. I added in these Cooee clear bracelets for a small touch of colour but in a way that still echoed minimalism. I kept my hair pulled back, my make-up minimal, with just a splash of pink/red for my lip colour. I chose to wear these sparkly earrings also from Supertrash to add a touch of glamour, which on the one hand I felt was unexpected but on the other I felt they somewhat related to the classic undertone of the outfit. I wore my long cream coat and slipper flats, for a bedtime-chic finish. 


Well I hope you like this look. Enjoy whats rest of your weekend,


Daniella xox

  • (old) French Connection Coat - Another cute coat Here
  • SUPERTRASH Dress - Here
  • Raoul Trousers - Here
  • (old) Topshop Flats - great pair Here
  • SUPERTRASH Earrings - Here
  • Cooee Bracelets - Here

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Looser Proportions


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Hi everyone, 

Ah how I Love these wide leg trousers, so happy I was able to invest in a good quality pair such as these. I really like that they are a fairly light material, which means they should easily go through to spring and knowing our summers, they'll probably be fine even then. But for now here's another outfit that i've styled for our current winter weather. 


You might know that I have a la lot of love for navy and black style combinations and you also might remember me mentioning in the last post I wore this Cos knit, just how much I love it and that I pretty much wore it all through december (giving it a well deserved break these days) so it only seemed right that these two classics and favourites of mine, got styled together. For the last few years I have really come to love and appreciate the look of a looser silhouette as when done right the results can look and feel really quite effortlessly chic and at times feel quite modern, another reason why I styled these two pieces together. I picked my Surface to air varsity jacket and my Topshop backpack to add a slightly more casual and sporty flair, finished of with my very old white pointy shoes, as it's nice to have a splash of something slightly more unexpected then black. 


Well thank you for reading my lovelies, I hope you like this look and take care,


Daniella xox. 


  • Surface to Air Coat 
  • Cos Knit - Here
  • Raoul Trousers - On Sale Here
  • (last years) Topshop Backpack - Great one Here
  • (old) White shoes 


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