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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


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Hey lovelies,

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Here are some snaps, I've taken through December, probably my favourite month. How do you like my new sweater? I plan on wearing this cute piece from Topshop on Christmas day, I just love the detailing it has around the collar. Because who doesn't love a bit of sparkle at Christmas?! I've also been practising how I want to style my hair for Christmas, it didn't go bad at all on my first attempt but we'll see come Christmas day after a few bucks-fizz….. And yes, in the next couple of weeks i'll most certainly be living in these very chic (and very comfy) Isabel Marant loafers, though to be fair, I kind of already have :D 
Well lovelies, I really do wish you all the best Christmas! I hope you get all the presents you've wished for and that you are able to spend as much time with your loved ones because thats really, what its all about (and of course stuffing your faces like theres no tomorrow… yep that's me for sure) 
And to anyone that's reading this, that might be dreading Christmas because of personal situations, remember that pictures you see on blogs are just capturing moments, it doesn't mean we have picture perfect lives. Just keep strong and visualise yourself in a peaceful and positive future. 
Take care and i'll be back soon,
Daniella xox
  • Topshop Sweater - Here
  • Isabel Marant Loafers - Here 

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Autumn Leavess


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I have really come to enjoy taking photos this year, I find it a great creative outlet and I love that even though everyone on this planet takes photos, it's still very personal to each individual. Once again my little nephew is my subject as are the pretty Autumn leaves that are surrounding us at the moment. I was saying to my sister the other day, how lovely it is that they are sticking around at the moment, creating such a beautiful pallet for the eyes. 

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon lovelies,
Daniella xox


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Odd Ones Out - Part Two


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Hii lovelies, 


How is everyone? Did you all have a good weekend? 


Here is part two of my "Odd Ones Out"  most of these outfit pictures are from last winter, that I never got round to uploading. So I thought now would be a good time to show you them all. 


Sorry if not all the photos are great quality, but you know what winter weather is like. Well I hope you like them and I'd love to know what you think. 


Take care and thank you for any comments, 


Daniella xox



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