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Cos Skirt: The Autumn Twist


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Hey everyone,


Wanting to take this Cos skirt through to Autumn seemed like it would be a challenge but I gave it ago anyway and this is how it ended up looking. 


To give this skirt a unique and interesting spin I deceived to create some length play by teaming it with this Whistles grey, mid-length dress. I really liked the strong contrast in colours and to bond the two pieces together I once again borrowed my boyfriends Penfield jacket and just simply detached the sleeves. I also like how it bought an androgynous/ sporty tone to the outfit along with an unexpected edge, which I echoed with my Topshop backpack. To keep to the now apparent minimal with an edge theme I decided to wear my Alexander Wang shoes, at first I was worried about the grey on grey but looking at it now i'm glad I stuck with it. I also wore my Mqueen rings and just a simple chain bracelet. 


For extra impact I went with my burgundy coloured lipstick. Don't take details like this for granted, you will be surprised at how a small detail like this can transform a look. 


Anyway I hope you like this look and thank you for any lovely comments. Take care,


Daniella xox



  • Boyrfriend Penfield Jacket - Similar Here
  • Whistles Grey Dress - Another Great One Here
  • Cos Skirt - Here
  • Alexander Wang shoes - Here
  • Topshop Backpack - Similar Here

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My Old Tie-Dye Jeans


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Hi everyone, 


So after seeing the craze for Tie -Dye jeans this season, sparked of by the incredible Isabel Marant I remembered these J Brand jeans I had back from 2009 when tie-dye was also pretty popular. It's not very often at all that I do an almost head to toe inspired look but with this look it just seemed right.  


For a sporty vibe I went with this (old) Topshop number tee and because they tied in almost perfectly I wore my Alexander Wang sandals and not just because the colour of them matched up well with the tee but because their subtle sporty appeal really pulled the pieces together. The day I wore this it was raining on and of and with it verging on being chilly I decided to raid the Boyfriend's wardrobe and came across his winter Penfield coat, you can remove the sleeves and hood which is exactly what I did, otherwise it just looks massive on me. I thought this sleeveless jacket added such a cool and unexpected and edgy spin, plus it reminded me of Alexander Wang pre-fall which I freaking LOVE!  


Accessories included My Alexander Mqueen ring and bracelet, an old Turquoise ring, my go-to clutch bag and of course the Ray Bans - Hi my name is Daniella and i'm A RAY BAN ADDICT!! :)


Hope you like the look. thank you and Take care, Daniella xox



  • The Boyfriend's Penfield Coat
  • (0ld) Topshop Tee - Similar Here
  • (old) J Brand Jeans - Similar Here
  • Alexander Wang Sandals - Similar Here


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