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Well I have definitely rekindled my deep love for darker colours again after pretty much refusing them last winter, okay refusing is definitly an exaggeration, what I mean to say is I was far more into colour last winter. It can be tricky styling darker colours together as each piece can easily all seem melt into each other and end up looking like one big dark blur. Breaking up that blur can be done by either layering different textures or creating interesting length play, it's all about creating depth. An annoying thing about winter is that it can bring very dark and dull days even early on and it was just unfortunate that I decided I was wearing this outfit, on one of those dark and depressing days and the result of the photos wasn't great but I hope you still enjoy them. 


Anyway on to the look, You might of seen these trousers before, they were bought on sale about four years ago from All Saints for a ridiculously cheap price but the only thing was I found them very difficult to style due to the way they hung, that was until I realised that I just need to belt them up higher in order for them to hang right. I love that they are mens inspired and have this baggy yet still kinda tailored look. With this outfit I wanted to contrast those androgynous tones in an ever so slight way, so I teamed my Paul & joe sister floral blouse with them, which admittedly is a bit cold for the winter but then that only gave me more reason to layer. And when it came to layering I also wanted to create a bit of texture play and so I layered my gilet over my leather, a combination I couldn't get enough of last year and am certainly still loving this year, works every time! 


I finished of with my Flatform Grenson brogues and a pair of navy ankle socks. Also this Topshop beanie that I am in love with but sadly got stolen by a some lowlife bitches ( I know thats not very graceful but in this instance I'm allowing myself to let of a little steam) when I went to London, luckily I still got a few looks out of it that are still to be seen on the blog. I could rant and rave about this but i'll leave it at that. I just hope they realise karma is a bigger bitch! 


Okay I have wound myself up and need to go and chill. Hope you like the look lovelies. Thanksss


Daniella xox


  • Topshop Beanie - Sold Out
  • Topshop Scarf - Here
  • 525 America Gilet - Similar Here
  • (old) Karren Millen Leather Jacket - Another great jacket Here
  • (old) All Saints Trousers
  • Topshop Socks - Here
  • Grenson Brogues - Here

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The Floral Blouse


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Hi everyone,


Hope you are enjoying your weekend. This is quite a basic look that I am showing you today but at the time it was very necessary, as it seems the UK doesn't really tend receive nice summer weather it just seems to be humid a muggy. Nice! 


So anyway the styling was pretty basic but I tried to keep all the pieces classic and chic. I styled my Elizabeth & James navy shorts with this lovely Paul & Joe sister floral blouse. This blouse was one of those really smart buys, it works all year round and I have been able to wear it in so many different ways. I then opted for my Chloe ballet flats to stay in keeping with the classic styling of the look plus when its that muggy, I find flats are just the easier and comfier option. My jewellery was also quite minimal, both this little necklace and ring were my mums that she gave to me, they are two very special pieces. I wore my Marc by marc jacobs burgundy bag, I haven't worn this bag in a while so I thought this was the perfect outfit for bringing it out again, I felt the colour complimented the rest of the pallet really quite well. 


Anyway's my lovelies thats all for now. Hope you all like this look. Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox



  • (last years) Paul & Joe Sister Blouse
  • (last years) Elizabeth and James Shorts - Similar Here
  • Chloe Ballet Flats - Similar Here & Here
  • (old) Marc by marc Jacobs bag - Same but in Blue Here

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Wish I Was Wearing....


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Hi everyone, 


This is a just a little outfit i wish i was wearing right now. I really hope you like the pieces i've picked! 


Thank you and Take care, Daniella xox





  1. IRO Jacket - Here
  2. Céline Sunglasses - Here
  3. Paul & Joe Sister Dress - Here
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag - Here
  5. Topshop Flatforms - Here


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