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The Two Shirt Wrap


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  • Topshop Coat - love this Here 
  • Acne Scarf - Here 
  • (old) Aubin & Wills Cable-knit 
  • Miu Miu Trousers - Similar Here & Here 
  • Isabel Marant Shoes - love these Here  Here & Here
  • (old) Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag 




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Boiler Girl


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So, the day I wore this, My sister, nephew, my boyfriend and I were off to an Air show! Now this was mainly down to the fact, that my lil nephew is mad about helicopters, I tell you he's copter crazy! Obviously I didn't really know what to expect with an event like this but wow, it was super busy and not to mention the deadly temperatures! It was sooo hot and with it being on an air strip, there was literally no place where we could seek shade but I guess it was all worth it to see my lil nephew's face. 


I decided to take the opportunity to wear this boiler suit once again, as it is so easy and comfy to wear and really requires very little effort when styling it. Though this time I folded it down and wore it with a simple white tee and my gladiator sandals. And yes, once again my boyfriend did a marvellous job in telling me that one trouser leg was falling longer then the other, I swear he does it on purpose because he has take my pictures! 


Thank you if you've taken the time to read this. Take care lovelies,


Daniella xox


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Bag Contemplation


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Hey sweeties,

It's got to that time where I am desperately craving a new bag, I don't own that many or at least thats how I feel, they aren't something I buy that often because it takes a lot for me to like and buy a bag, I really have to fall in love with it and think about it day and night. Here are some bags that have been on my mind recently and especially this khaki green Givenchy Obsedia clutch-bag, AHHH BE MINE! And with my birthday not that far into the horizon, i'm hoping that someone like, I don't know, The boyfriend/ my mum/ anyone who's feeling generous will read this post and give me a very Happy Birthday indeed :D 
So tell me, do you like any of these bags here? 
Take care lovelies,
Daniella xox
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Pouch - Here 
  • DKNY Belt Bag - Here 
  • Joseph Shoulder Bag  - Shop Joseph Bags Here
  • Givenchy Clutch Bag - Here 


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So the reason I called this post "foggy" is as you can probably already tell is because of the foggy weather we had when we were taking these photos. I wore this outfit over a month ago now and it was when I was up very early to go to London and well the weather was like I said very foggy. We had very little time and my sister was the only one available to take my photos, which meant I was unable to mess with the settings, so i've had to try and sort the pictures out myself but lets be honest they aren't great. 


Anyway because I would be traveling and walking quite a bit throughout the day I needed to stay as comfy as I could, so the styling was really quite simple. I wore my splendid navy turtleneck with this super chic skirt by Vanessa Bruno, which you would of seen before but the last time I styled it was at LFW and I stupidly got carried away and forgot to take photos, such a shame because I really loved wearing that outfit. Oh well. I wore this navy Surface to air jacket, as not only dose is look cute with the skirt and of course keep me really warm but I also really like how the navy looks with the olive colour of my skirt.  


I finished of with my Grenson brogues, as it doesn't get much comfier then these, unless I was willing to loose all sense of style. I as well wore my Marc by Marc jacobs bag, Topshop beanie (last time you'll see it featured in a post as this was the day it got stolen) and of course the Ray Bans. All great pieces for bringing a slightly edgier tone to the look. 


Well Thats all for now folks. Back soon (with some good pictures) and take care,


Daniella xox

  • Topshop Beanie (sold out) Even better One-HERE
  • Surface to Air Jacket
  • Splendid Navy Turtleneck - Here
  • Vanessa Bruno Skirt - Here
  • Grenson Brogues - Here
  • Marc by marc jacobs Bag 


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Army Boots & A Knitted Caped


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Hope everyone is well. 


Just a little post for you today. Wearing mainly older pieces of mine but they are all pieces I have been very fond of and would consider to be classic.


Wanting to create and combine classic-chic with an androgynous edge I started of with these Miu Miu trousers and styled them with my oversized white shirt (not that you can see a whole of it) to continue that classic approach of the trousers. For warmth and layers I wore my knitted cape and new Topshop grey scarf, the tone on tone helped to brake up the strict styling of the black and white. I liked how the textures of these two pieces bought a slightly casual tone to the outfit and speaking of casual I decided to wear these very old army style boots of mine that I had years ago from All Saints. I remember living in these boots for a very long time, to the point I almost bought a second pair! But since then my style has changed a lot and I haven't worn them for a couple of years, that was until now. I rolled my trousers up over them instead of tucking them in, I know they could appear an odd choice of shoe but I just really quite adore the edgier appeal they bought to the outfit. 


I hope you also like this look. Thank you and have a awesome day! 


Daniella xox



  • Topshop Scarf
  • (old) Aubin & Wills Knitted Cape
  • American Apperal White shirt
  • (old) Miu Miu Trousers
  • (very old) All Saints boots 
  • Marc by marc jacobs bag


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