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Easy Dressing In Denim & Faux


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Not one of my most creative outfits I know but on sartorially lazy days such as these well, then that's what reliable basics are for! Double denim is a great go-to combination and some furry awesomeness is a great way to push up the texture ranks. And this navy scarf really is the gift that keeps on giving, I just love how it looks with denim plus it always keeps me extra warm, something I needed with the bare ankles. :) 


Take care,


Daniella xox





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Hi everyone,

I wanted to show you this look thats finally made it to the blog, I took it a little while ago now but better late then never! Sorry if the photos are little poor it was one of those evenings where we were definitely chasing the light. 

I was in the mood for something simple and wanted to take the opportunity to wear this Acne padded sweater of mine without a coat, finally! I wore it it with my J Brand Cargo trousers and my white shoes for a minimal and subtle approach to colour blocking and then added in the boyfriends leather belt just for that extra touch, normally a statement necklace would be my usual choice but the belt seemed a little more refreshing plus I felt it complied better with those minimal tones. My Illesteva sunnies, a red lip and just a silver watch were my weapons of choice to complete the look, typical, Suree but it works. 

Well I'm off now. Thank you lovelies and take care,

Daniella xox

  • Acne Sweater
  • (boyfriends) Belt - Love this Here & Here
  • J Brand Trousers -  Similar  Here
  • (old) Shoes - Similar Here
  • Illesteva Sunglasses 
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Hey lovelies, 


So today you're actually seeing an outfit that was only taken a couple of days ago, I know crazy right?! Anyway I couldn't wait to show you all this gorgeous green vest that I received thanks to Rtister. Even though the colour is not typically a colour that is consistently seen throughout my wardrobe, I knew instantly that this piece was for me. The slight asymmetric finish, the modern and minimal lines and most importantly it's versatility were all highly convincing reasons, wouldn't you agree?!  I also feel it's going to be perfect for taking me from Spring through to Summer and even Autumn because of the beautiful lightweight fabric it's made from.  


Though the idea of wearing this vest with a classic white shirt and culottes was consuming me, I had to come to except that it's simply not warm enough yet but that only gave me the incentive to wear to finally wear this Jaeger dress once again but decided to style it in a slightly less conventional way. I layered it over a checked shirt and even though the print of the dress is only just visible, I felt that this detail only created more impact with the two contrasting prints. I know there was already a lot going on up top but that wasn't going to stop me from wearing my classic J Brand flared jeans, volume plus volume kinda rocks in my books and anyway, add in a belt to define your waistline and you're fine! 


Well if you wanna check out Rtister (where this vest comes from) then click Here. Rtister has some wonderful contemporary brands and I particularly liked their accessories section. 


Thank you a take care,

Daniella xox

  • Bevza Vest from Rtister - Here 
  • (old) Jaeger Dress
  • (old) Eskander Shirt - Great one Here
  • J Brand Jeans - Love these Here & Here
  • (very old) New Look Shoes

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Still Wet, Still Cold!


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Hello everyone, 


These outfit pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when the weather was very wet and very cold. Normally I would opt to stay inside on a day like this but I was meeting a friend for coffee and as I hadn't seen her for ages, there was definitely no way I was missing it. So I scrapped all my previous outfit ideas and went with some of my best wardrobe basics/favourites that are a godsend for times such as these. 


I love J Brand jeans, they always make me feel good and wearing these flared cropped pair, always seem to feel slightly chicer then my normal go-to skinny jeans. I then wore a classic striped top with a leather jacket, I tell ya, you can't beat wardrobe staples like this on days as uninspiring as these and also just by adding a knitted cape over the top of a pretty basic look such as this, can be what sets it apart from the rest, against the leather jacket it instantly highlights the contrasting textures which in turn, creates depth within the look. The cape also creates a certain amount of length play and enhances the layered effect. To give the outfit some lift I bought out my vibrant red scarf, if you don't have one a red lip will also do the job, as you can see I just went ahead and did both :D Finishing off with a classic fedora hat, Chanel bag and my Acne Pistols. There you have it, another rainy day look. 

Sorry if the quality of the photos aren't great but I hope you like the look and I look forward to your comments. Thank lovelies and take care,


p.s I just wanted to say thank you for sticking with me even though we had some problems with the blog over the weekend. Also I just wanted to be honest with you all and let you know my little nephew has sadly been in the hospital since sunday so I am spending a lot of time with him right now and even though i'm taking the little time I do have to make sure I comment on all your wonderful blogposts, there might be times when i'm not able to but I will be looking at them all at the very least :) 

Daniella xox

  • (odl) Reiss Hat - Similar Here
  • (old) Aubin & Wills Cape
  • Joseph Striped top - Love this Here
  • (old) Karren Millan Leather Jacket - Another Great Jacket Here
  • J Brand Jeans
  • Acne Boots - Here
  • (odl) Topshop Scarf - Another cute one Here

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Thinking of......


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Just few things that are currently on my mind right now! What do you think? Do you like any of these picks? Look forward to reading your comments. 

Take care,
Daniella xox
  • Sportmax Belt - Here 
  • J Brand Jeans - Here
  • Stella McCartney - Here
  • Thierry Lasry Sunglasses - Here
  • Moxham Bracelet - Here 
  • Somewhere Nowhere Clutch - Here
  • Acne Boots - Here

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