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Sandra From 5 Inch & Up


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Hi everyone, 


This is another scheduled post for you all as I should still be in London at this point. When I visited Topshop HQ a little while ago I had the amazing pleasure of meeting the very lovely Sandra from the also amazing blog 5 Inch and up! Her blog like most i'm sure is a favourite of mine as I a have a huge admiration and love for incredible and unique sense of style, so you could imagine what I was thinking when she walked into the room (even though I was playing it cool, or so I thought) Afterwards she very kindly let me photograph her which was so cool let me tell you - though annoyingly I didn't have my lens that I would usually take outfit shots with and had to make do. With all the excitement the photos I ended up with weren't of the best quality, I must of had it on the wrong setting or something, this left me wanting to kick myself in the face. Luckily this girl's awesome outfit clearly still shines through. I guess we all have to go through these annoying instances to make sure it doesn't happen again: Note to self STAY COOL!  Ah and just look at those super cool Wang shoes and I am definitely in need of that super chic waistcoat from Zara and don't forget that amazing bag which I think if I am not mistaken is from Kurt Geiger. Girl crush! 


Also I wanted to share with you my favourite picks from the amazing collection that she has designed for Nelly. I love the collection, modern-minimal meets sporty details whilst also having an overall classic and timeless feel. Perfect! 


Hope you like. Thank you and Take care,


Daniella xox


  1. Rust Knit - Here
  2. Stella Shorts - Here
  3. Track Stripe Shorts - Here
  4. IDA Leather Clutch - Here

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