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Yellow Faux


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I don't think i've shown you this faux fur gilet that I bought from Topshop a couple of months ago but here I am wearing it in an outfit I wore a few weeks back. Even though I probably have enough furry gilet's due to me buying a different one almost every year but come on, how could I possibly resist this one?! I first seen it when I was in London for fashion week and they had it in three different colours, I like it mainly for the boxy fit and I was torn between this one and the grey version but in the end I went for this colour, maybe a risky choice but what can I say, I like to live life on the edge me! :D


I teamed it with one of my favourite shirts, this blue one by Equipment, if I could afford it, i'd have one in every colour, they are literally perfect! I let it hang loose over my pencil skirt and my good old knee-high boots, complete with my clutch-of-the-moment. 


Hope you all have a great week lovelies,

Daniella xox 

  • Topshop gillet - Here but only a couple sizes left 
  • (old) Equipment Shirt - Here (in navy) 
  • (old) The Row Skirt - similar Here & Here 
  • (old) Topshop Boots - similar Here 
  • (old) Topshop Bag



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The Snake & The Olive


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Hello dears,

I don't know if you remember this leather mid-length skirt I bought from Reiss back last Autumn but here I am finally wearing it once again! I definitely think it's a piece you can wear all year round but I think it's especially perfect for transeasonal weather. 

I really wanted to put together an outfit that had a clear ladylike charm but with a slightly more modern, minimal and refreshing feel that was relevant to my style, if I even have one?! (God that sentence comes across just a tad pretentious!) Moving quickly on, teaming this skirt with one of my favourite printed pieces - this snake print shirt by Equipment was a must, freaking love the colour combination and of course print plus texture is always an interesting mix. I chose to wear this beige knit, as not only did it compliment the colour of the skirt but also accentuated the vibrant print of the shirt. I finished off by taking a fairly classic approach to my shoes and accessories, like usual I guess. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the look. Take care,

Daniella xox 

  • Miu Miu Knit - Here
  • Equipment Shirt - Sweater version Here
  • Reiss Skirt - Love this skirt Here
  • Aubin & Wills Cape
  • Miu miu Shoes - Super cute Here 

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LFW Outfit Two: Just Call Me Coconut Balls


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Hello everyone,

So here is what I wore on my second day at LFW and I know I know this outfit is not going to be everyones taste but thats fine because mainstream hasn't ever really been my thing. And the thing is, I really did feel confident in this regardless of the confused faces of the onlookers that passed this fashion freak by. And with being someone who has always enjoyed playing with proportions and often picking and styling pieces that can be perceived as not very flattering, I found this look to be quite a strong representation of that and I also think it's a reflection of my current love for skater-boy inspired looks, that I'm really into right now.  


Well I have had these Topshop jeans for a few years now and they've always been rolled up at the ends, as thats how they came when I bought them and for some crazy reason I never thought to unroll them. So when it came to trying on outfits for LFW I tried it and really liked the result. I wore my snake print shirt with my leather sleeved top and then this basic oversized white tee, which I then finished off with my furry gilet which I felt formulated a mix of texture and print whilst still maintaing a cool and casual balance. And since I was already on the road to a somewhat unflattering look, I thought why not throw in the super sexy combo of thick winter socks and a pair of Birkenstocks, yeah why not?! Haha and yes that totally rhymes, god I'm so awesome! I finished of with my navy beanie and my ladylike Prada tote, which I thought was great for completely contrasting those urban tones. 


Anyway I hope you like this my lovelies. Take care,

Daniella Aka Coconut Balls xox


  • (no name) Beanie 
  • 2nd Day Gilet
  • Topshop Tee - Here
  • (old) Elizabeth & James Leather Sleeved top
  • Equipment Snake Print shirt - Here
  • (old) Topshop Jeans - Another Great pair Here
  • Birkenstocks - Here

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Hint Of Print


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Here is a little something I wore about a month ago now, when I went to have lunch with my boyfriend. 


I love my snake print shirt by Equipment that I bought in the autumn, it's unexpectedly versatile, which is an important and necessary factor for me when investing in pieces. I love the strong statement it makes when wearing it on it's own but I love it even more when you can just see a hint of it, somehow I find it even more striking, seems to really pull the eye in. I wore the shirt over my Navy Sportmax dress, don't you just love the good-old skirt/dress trick?! Layered my J.Crew long sleeved, olive tee over the top of the shirt and since i've worn this colour combo before, I know how beautifully both colours compliment each other. I threw my Joseph coat over my shoulders, to give the look some structure on top and because I was a little worried that the top of my outfit was beginning to look like a colour chart I added in my charcoal coloured scarf to break it up. I almost went for a black scarf but I think it would of created to much of harsh contrast. 


I finished of the look with my trusty pointed boots and my Chanel. I know I said about black being a harsh contrast but the reason why the black bag and boots work is because there is enough distance between the outfit and them. Well I think thats it for now. Hope you enjoy the look :) 


And before I forget, for those who missed out on the Stuart Weitzman Coupon code, if you subscribe Here to the Stuart Wietzman eu online store you will get an invitation to the private sales! Sound good?! 


Thanksss lovelies and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a favourite outfits post of mine! 


Daniella xox


  • Topshop Scarf
  • (old) Joseph Coat - Loving This & This
  • J.Crew Top
  • Equipment Shirt - Here
  • SportMax Dress - Another cute dress Here
  • KG Kurt Geiger Boots - Here

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