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Shirts & Ties


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Showing my mum these pictures, it reminded her of old Americana, like I should be in an old western saloon or something and this was not meant as insult nor did I take it as one, as comparisons like that only bring a giggle but I also think its very interesting how one person can see and feel something very different from an outfit to the next person. Even though when putting this outfit together I didn't set out to do my own interpretation of someone or something (though i'll admit I was inspired by a certain Vogue editorial at the time) but even I look at these shots and think yep, i'm looking a lil Artful Dodger-esque and once again, I don't see that as a negative. 


Before I go, I must say that i'm really happy with these photos, my sister took them for me, which is a rare thing but I won't complain because she's now agreed to start taking more for me! YAY! I just fall in love with her way of angling the camera. 


Thanks for reading lovelies,


Daniella xox


  • (old) Reiss Hat - Similar Here & Here 
  • (boyfriends) Cheacked Shirt - Similar Here & Here 
  • (old) Elizabeth & James Striped shirt - similar Here 
  • Vintage Ties
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Trousers - love these Here 
  • Grenson Brogues - Here 

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Jackets & Flares


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Hello lovelies,


It's been a while since I last wore these navy flared trousers, they are by Diane von Furstenberg and like all (all meaning, like 3 or 4) the pieces I own of hers, the fit and cut is exceptional. What I love about these trousers is that I don't need to wear them all the time, though I easily could because I love them so much and they are of course versatile but I don't, as they are a classic and i'm sure they won't ever date, so I find there is no need to exhaust them. Instead I just sit back and wait for the right outfit to come to mind. 


For this look the idea was fairly simple, with just an old loose fitting grey sweater, my old leather jacket, a piece I am really quite into again at the moment and my cropped furry jacket worn over the top, as combining textures such as these, is great way to add interesting detail and depth to a fairly simple look. I wore my Alexander Wang shoes, as they have this orange trim around the edges which was just enough to add a subtle hint of colour and I also find the trousers fall perfectly when styled with them. To finish the outfit I wore my Illesteva sunnies because they felt a little more unexpected then my Ray Bans. Aw and I have to say I kinda miss my hair looking like this, as these photos were taken before I went to PFW and since then I have had a few highlights put into my hair but oh well, I'll give it time and they'll grow out again. :) 


Hope you like this look lovelies and take care,

Daniella xox


  • DKNY Furry Jacket
  • (old) Karren Millen Leather Jacket - Great selection Here
  • (old) Diane Von Furstenberg Trousers - Another gorgeous pair Here
  • Illesteva Sunglasses 
  • Alexander Wang Shoes 

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DVF & The Summers Day


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Hi everyone, 


Hope your sunday is going well so far. I do love the weekends, being able to spend some proper time with my boyfriend and my family, go for lunch and eat yummy breakfasts and just basically pig out a bit more then I do in the week. I also try to give the blog a little less of my time but thats something I do struggle with as you all know there is no rest or time out when it comes to the blogging and fashion world, everything is constantly on the go. 


Anyway here is a look that I forgot all about, I don't know how I forgot about it as it's what I wore back when I went to visit the MyWardrobe showroom in London. It was insanely hot that day and I knew there would be quite a bit of walking involved and with wanting and needing to stay looking smart and chic and at the same time trying to stay as cool and comfy as possible, thats how I came up with this outfit.  I don't know if you remember this dress from the last time I wore it (here) but it was time to wear it again, trying to make a conscious effort to make sure I wore it at least a few times before the summer was up. This time I wore it with two of my favourite necklaces, my Ally Capellino bag, my Tory Burch sandals and some of my favourite bracelets. 


Hope you like this post. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the day.


Daniella xox


  • DVF Dress
  • Tory Burch sandals - Similar Here
  • Ally Capellino Bag
  • (Last years) Day Birger et mikkelsen necklace & Carol Lee Luxe necklace


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DVF Dress


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Hi lovelies, 


This is another one of those outfits that will go down as being one of my Favourites!! It was taken a while ago now in fact it was taken on July the 1st as this is what I wore on my birthday. 

This outfit also includes my first of only a few sale buys and its this gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg dress. I had my eye on it for while but it was just verging on being out of my general price comfort zone, so you can imagine how happy I was when it had something like 40% off. Though it was a size to big but I kinda like the looser fit.


I decided to wear it a classic white cotton shirt underneath the dress to give it a slightly tailored spin, plus i felt it made the outfit appear a little less typical. I wore my Marc by marc Jacobs neon trim basket bag for a splash of colour and to create texture play. I also wore my Stella McCartney shoes because I felt they had a more edgier appeal then lets say a simple pair of heels. 


I hope you like this look. Thank you and Take care, Daniella xox


  • Diane Von Furstenberg - Here and Similar Here
  • Marc by marc Jacobs Bag - Another great Bag Here
  • Stella McCartney Shoes (sorry sold out) - Another great pair Here


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