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Leather Legs Are The New Tights


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Though it's nothing new and I along with the other stylish folk have been substituting tights for leather leggings for a while now, I still wanted to express my feelings in todays blogpost title! I'm addicted to wearing my leather trousers instead of tights and not just the legging style, I think the baggier ones can totally look cool to. They are great way to rock the skirt/dress over trousers trend without straying to far from your comfort zone. They undoubtedly add more texture and edge to your look and lets face it they are a lot warmer. 


And no, i'm not carrying a dead cat/ dog or whatever animal you see fit, this is actually a really old bag of mine I found hidden away the other day. It does have a shoulder strap but instead i'm holding it as a clutch. What can I say, other then I loveee texture! 


Take care lovelies,


Daniella xox



  • Acne Scarf
  • Carin Wester Jacket - similar Here 
  • (old) Sportmax Dress - Similar Here 
  • (old) Armani Jeans Leather Trousers - love these Here  & Here 
  • Grenson Brogues - Here & Here 
  • (old old) River Island Bag
  • Oakley Sunglasses - Here 
  • Topshop Gloves





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The Wedding Guest


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Hii sweeties,


I've built up quite a few outfit pictures recently, so for a while i'll probably be posting four outfit posts a week, hope that's not to many?! 


So I wanted to show you an outfit that I wore when I attended a wedding back in May. It was quite a special day as my boyfriend was one of the best men. It was one of those perfect weddings and everything seemed to flow just as it should throughout the day. The Bride looked stunning and her dress was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was perfect, I mean i'm pretty sure everyone was on tenterhooks about the weather as the day before the wedding it was raining heavily all day but thankfully the sun shined just for them. 


Anyway, I didn't have the money to go out and buy an outfit for the day, as we all know, you can't just go out and buy a new dress and be done with it, you gotta get the shoes, bag and the hat to match and knowing my taste, it would cost me fortune! So instead I went through my existing wardrobe and managed to put this together and I don't think I did to bad, can I say that?! 


Before I go I must apologise for the photos, they were taken around midday, so the sun was crazy bright plus I only had 5 minutes to take them. I'm hoping to see some of the actual wedding photos soon, so hopefully I can share some with you. :) 


Thanks for reading lovelies. Take care,

Daniella xox  


  • (old) Carin Wester Jacket - love this Here 
  • (old) Cacharel Dress - great dress Here 
  • (old) Stella McCartney Shoes - Similar Here 
  • (old) Marks & Spencers Clutch 


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Denim Cut-Offs & Loafers


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So i'll start by telling you about these old old denim cut-offs of mine, i'm pretty sure they were my first ever DIY! Though to be fair and honest with you, my DIY's never really consists of anything more then me just basically taking a pair of scissors and then just cutting, I couldn't even sit here and tell you that I bother with keeping it neat, I simply don't have the patience or skill when it comes to things like that. I know it's pretty terrible but so very true, so I take my hat of to all of those wonderful DIYers (clearly not a words but you get it) out there.


I kinda wanted create a mix between casual, classic and preppy. I teamed my blue shirt with an old Jack Wills hoodie of mine (back before they had all the giant JW's on them) and then layered my beautiful Carin Wester boucle jacket on top for a smart, casual, smart effect. I opted for my Russell and Bromley loafers, wayfarer sunnies and Chanel bag for those classic touches and threw my hair up in a bun because nothing else seemed to be working and lets be fair, it even looks a mess in this up-do, I mean how does that even happen?! It's just a bun for crying out loud!! Oh well.


Well i'm off now, I hope you like this look. Thanks lovelies and take care,

Daniella xox


  • (old) Carin Wester Jacket - Similar Here
  • (old) Jack Wills Hoodie
  • Amercian Apparel Shirt 
  • (old) DIY Seven for all Man Kind Shorts
  • (old) Russell & Bromley Loafers - Here & Cute pair Here 

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Sequins At My Ankles


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So me and the boyfriend have been watching this series called breaking bad, have your seen or heard of it? Anyway strangely I found myself unexpectedly inspired by the character "Jesse" and weirdly for his style. For those who have not seen it, it's kinda skater-boy meets gangster, or at least thats how I view it to be. So that was definitely a big influence in how I came to style this look. 


I had also once again been looking for a way to style my awesome sequinned trousers by IRO and I decided on layering them underneath this pleated skirt of mine and I know it kinda seems like I am defeating the object by hiding almost all of the trouser but sometimes subtlety can be just as striking as the opposed and well I found they needed to be styled this way in order to create the look I wanted. I wore my old Acne oversized sweater dress, my Wang sneakers and a beanie to also create those inspired tones and then finished off by adding a certain ladylike twist with my boucle jacket and Chanel bag. I would of preferred to leave the jacket, not because I didn't like how it looked but because I preferred the impact the look had without it but it was pretty freezing out, so I kinda had no choice. 


Well I hope you all like this look and wishing you all very Happy Valentines Day :) 


Daniella xox

  • Somewhere nowhere Beanie - Here 
  • (old) Carin Wester Jacket - cute one Here & Here
  • Zara Pleated Skirt
  • IRO Trousers - Another great pair HereHere 
  • Alexander Wang Sneakers - Similar HereHere

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First Autumn Chill


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Hi lovelies,


Here's a look for you to see. I remember this day really well, I wore this outfit to meet a friend, to have a little catch up before she headed of to start uni and I remember thinking that this was the first day where it really felt like the beginning of autumn.  


There is something about boyfriend jeans that makes them perfect for transeasonal wear, I always find myself gravitating towards them when the season starts to change. With styling these boyfriend jeans I wanted to create a strong smart /casual contrast, so I started of by styling them with my Cos A-line shirt and then with my Pringle Of Scotland argyle sweater over the top (another great transeasonal piece) it's colours and print adds point of interest and it's soft knit material adds light warmth, I added in my neon necklace from Topshop, as it was perfect for lifting the neon detailing of my knit, whilst adding feminine detail to the more androgynous side of the look. 


It was also nice to wear this very chic Carin Wester boucle jacket once again, it's always been a favourite of mine, the cut and fit is perfection and I should probably wear it more often. Talking about wearing old favourite's, remember these Zara loafers from earlier this year? okay so there're not really old but still it was nice to slip them back on now that the hotter weather is over with, I teamed them with my striped socks for an unexpected touch. 


I'm slightly worried for you all because as it gets colder there are going to be more layers which means more talking/writing in my posts! I mean look ^ :D


Anyhoo best be getting on now. Hope you like this look. Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox


  • (old) Carin Wester Jacket
  • Cos A-Line Shirt
  • Pringle Of Scotland Knit - Another great one Here
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans - Similar Here
  • Zara Shoes - Another cool pair Here


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