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PFW - The Backward Cap Cool Kid


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Before the weekend starts I want to at least share one outfit with you all that I wore during my Paris fashion week trip. This shirt dress by E.Tautz, (last worn here) obviously had to make the cut, it's such a striking piece but in way that's so simple and effortless to wear. This time I wore it over these old black jeans, that have a cool zipper detail at the ankle, which looked great over my Camilla Skovgaard sandals.


Like London you'll notice that heels are pretty much absent in my get-ups, I only had two bags with me and both wouldn't fit a spare pair of shoes to quickly change into and anyway i'm into flats far more then heels right now not to mention how completely unrealistic it would be to go traipsing from show to show whilst taking Street style pictures! I feel with this look, it was my choice in accessories that really made it and I especially liked wearing my navy shoulder cape by Methodology Navy & black together is my favourite but add in some white to and that's not far from awesome either! Maybe the look would of been better with out the cap? i'm still not sure yet but what I do know is that at the time it made me feel like one of the cold kids! :D


Take care lovelies and thank you for taking the time to read this,

Daniella xox

Oh and before I go, coincidently, Fred from the very stylish Paris street style blog Easy Fashion has featured me today wearing this outfit. So maybe you could stop by and check it out. :) 


  • (old) River Island Cap - Similar Here
  • Methodology Cape  
  • E.Tautz Shirt/Dress
  • (old) Warehouse Jeans - Here 
  • (old) Camilla Skovgaard Sandals

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The Subtle Print


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Hello dears, 


I wanted to share a look with you today that includes some very special pieces of mine. You may remember me showing you some photos from the Bureau Seutail showroom that Joyce and I were lucky enough to visit when we were in Paris and you may remember me mentioning the designers and collections that we learnt about whilst there and one of them being Kaylee Cho, the young Korean designer! Well she kindly sent me two pieces from her Autumn/Winter collection, this wonderful printed blazer along with this wool vest. I was even told that blazer was designed with me in mind after she seen my blog, which is extremely flattering, humbling and actually quite overwhelming to hear. 


Even though I have outfit ideas for these pieces being worn individually, I somehow ended up trying on the two together and really loved how it looked, I mean I get that they're from the same collection so of course one is going to compliment the other but for me it still had unique feel. I wore my two new pieces with my Reiss culottes not only because I am currently finding culottes to be soo super chic but also because their colour really seemed to lift the print of the blazer so perfectly. I know by choosing flats with an outfit that has these kind of proportions is a bit risky and goes against most rules but I like the edgy and modern-minimal flair that these Camilla Skovgaard babies always seem to bring to a look.  


Well I hope you like the look and if you are interested in checking Kaylee Cho's full collection then click Here and I would suggest doing so because it's such an inspiring collection and it's hard to believe it's her first! A truly talented designer to say the least with a beautiful clean, classic and yet modern ascetic, whilst also being and feeling incredible wearable, something thats is very important. 


Take care,

Daniella xox


  • Kaylee Cho Blazer - See the collection Here & Here
  • Kaylee Cho Wool Vest - See the collection Here & Here
  • (last years) Reiss Culottes - Love these Here & Here
  • (last years) Camilla Skogaard Sandals


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Hello everyone,

So with the weather being somewhat kind to us last saturday and actually feeling really quite mild out, I took the opportunity to wear this incredibly beautiful silk parka and striped vest by the very unique brand - FAD. Each and every one of the designs have a very raw and original feel, something I personally find refreshing when I come across collections and designers that I haven't seen or heard of before. If you want to see for yourself, click here.

I layered the silk, striped vest over my old striped shirt as I liked how along with this tie-dye parka it created a slightly unusual take on clashing prints whilst also giving the outfit a certain amount of depth. I kept my bottom half simple with just a pair of classic navy cropped trousers and then wore my Skovgaard sandals for a slightly more edgier vibe and to also create contrast against all the layers up top. For my accessories, I wore my olive scarf as it was a good compromise between keeping me warm and still working well with the colour scheme. I had also found this old wooden bangle of mine and thought it would only compliment those earthy tones in a minimal yet effective way. 

Well I look forward to reading your comments and I hope you all like this look. Thanks lovelies,

Daniella xox

  • FAD Silk Parka - You can find it Here
  • FAD Silk Top - Here
  • (old) Elizabeth & James Shirt - Similar Here
  • Whistles Trousers - Another great style Here
  • Camilla Skovgaard Sandals
  • American Vintage Scarf 

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Hot & Cold


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Hi lovelies, 

How has your weekend been so far? Don't know what I will be doing today, can't make up my mind whether to go with lazy-stay in bed sunday or a get dressed in something casual and chic and have a coffee sunday?! 


Hmm Anyway this in an outfit that I nearly bypassed posting, it somehow got lost amongst my photos. Well I wore it quite a while ago now and it was one of those weird weather days just before Autumn kicked in when It had cold winds but muggy air and finding something to work with that weather was not an easy one. So I ended up going with this linen skirt by Acne for a neutral base which I then teamed with a classic, chic and preppy combo of this checked shirt by Eskandar and my trusty Topshop boutique waffle knit. I wore my Camilla Skovgaard Sandals, my Topshop backpack and of course my Ray Bans to create an edgier feel. 


Hope you like this look. Enjoy the rest of your day and take care,


Daniella xox


  • Eskandar Shirt
  • Topshop Boutique Waffle knit
  • Acne Skirt (on Sale) Here
  • Camilla Skovgaard Sandals
  • Topshop Backpack - Similar Here


Also I just wanted to remind everyone that Creators Of Desire has teamed up with Videofy.me & Bloggerswardrobe.com to find the next best vlogger! The amazing prize is that the winner will win a years contract at CofD and also win an exclusive membership at Bloggerswardrobe. How cool is that?! Soooo if you want to take part click HERE to find out all the details of this awesome competition and please don't be shy, it really could be you and we could be network buddies. YaY!  


Before I go I was really hoping to take part of the Creators of Desire's vlogging week and even made two videos but unfortunately I really wasn't happy with the quality but I'm not giving up and hope to make another one really soon as I had such great fun making the videos, just a shame that the quality was not great. 


Thanks again,


Daniella x



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