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The Wedding Guest


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Hii sweeties,


I've built up quite a few outfit pictures recently, so for a while i'll probably be posting four outfit posts a week, hope that's not to many?! 


So I wanted to show you an outfit that I wore when I attended a wedding back in May. It was quite a special day as my boyfriend was one of the best men. It was one of those perfect weddings and everything seemed to flow just as it should throughout the day. The Bride looked stunning and her dress was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was perfect, I mean i'm pretty sure everyone was on tenterhooks about the weather as the day before the wedding it was raining heavily all day but thankfully the sun shined just for them. 


Anyway, I didn't have the money to go out and buy an outfit for the day, as we all know, you can't just go out and buy a new dress and be done with it, you gotta get the shoes, bag and the hat to match and knowing my taste, it would cost me fortune! So instead I went through my existing wardrobe and managed to put this together and I don't think I did to bad, can I say that?! 


Before I go I must apologise for the photos, they were taken around midday, so the sun was crazy bright plus I only had 5 minutes to take them. I'm hoping to see some of the actual wedding photos soon, so hopefully I can share some with you. :) 


Thanks for reading lovelies. Take care,

Daniella xox  


  • (old) Carin Wester Jacket - love this Here 
  • (old) Cacharel Dress - great dress Here 
  • (old) Stella McCartney Shoes - Similar Here 
  • (old) Marks & Spencers Clutch 


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Floral Skirt


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I think i've said it before, wait, I mean I know i've said it before, that my breton striped top is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, many outfits can be built around this simple basic. I'm sure many of you would probably agree how great a striped piece can look paired with something floral and I have to say that I particularly adore the striped top with this smudgy floral print, I feel it adds a slight modern twist instead of the usual more ditsy style of floral print.


To carry this on, I also have a deep fondness for navy sweaters, I find them especially perfect for those cooler spring/summer days, when you are just in need of that extra layer. I had actually become quite bored of wearing my bags across the body like this but theres no denying how practical it is and how it will always give off that much coveted nonchalant appeal, so as you can see it didn't take me long to get over that little issue! For an easy-chic, laid-back feel and to also give an ugly contrast to the beautiful Chanel and pretty print, I of course opted for my Birks, I mean at least in my eyes, what else could look so ugly and yet so unexpectedly chic at the same time?! And if anyone disagrees with that, then i'm just gonna cover my eyes, stick my fingers in my ears and act like a child, singing la la la!! ;D 


Well thank you to anyone who has kindly taken the time to read or just looked at my post. Take care lovelies,


Daniella xox



  • (old) Topshop Boutique Sweater
  • (old) Joseph Striped Top - Love this Here  & Here 
  • (old) Cacharel Skirt - Adore this skirt Here 
  • Illesteva Sunglasses - Shop Illesteva Here  & Loving these Here
  • Birkenstocks - Here 

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Military, Floral & Check


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How is everyone today? 


If you have followed my blog for long enough you might just recognise this Cacharel floral print dress and might remember me saying that it's an absolute favourite of mine and for many reasons, one mainly being it's versatility. A couple of weeks ago I had this outfit idea in my head and knew this dress would be perfect for what I was looking to attempt, luckily enough it was. 


When putting this look together I was definitely feeling inspired by modern grunge and autumnal layers, so I decided to try and incorporate the two into my outfit. I found this vintage blazer of mine that I had been praying that I hadn't thrown out and thanks to my good habit of keeping everything, I hadn't and it was safely hung up. I made use of it by tying it around my waist, see i'm so cool like that! It worked well in creating a subtle print clash with the dress as the two prints are classic whilst still giving a chic nod to the grunge trend we are currently seeing and will continue to see through to next season. I layered this oversized grey cardigan and my winter favourite this Joseph military-inspired coat to create cosy autumn layers but at the same time creating structure that gave balance to the look and also in doing this it slightly covered up the jacket tied around my waist, which made it appear far more subtle and gave the impression that it kinda just ended up there. Of course we all know that it didn't just happen by fluke.


Well I finished of with my newest black ankle boots, I hope you're not bored of them yet as there is still a lot more outfit posts to come with these babies! Also my Prada tote to lift the ladylike tones of my floral dress. 


If you have stuck this out and read it all, you are a star* Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox



  • (old) Joseph Coat - Another great Coat Here
  • Topman Cardigan - Similar Here
  • (last years) Cacharel Dress
  • Vintage Blazer - Loving this one Here
  • KG Kurt Geiger Boots - Here

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Shifts & Stripes


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Hey hey heyyy, 


Can not believe we are in the last few days of August! (sad times) Anyway so here you are looking at a little something I wore a couple of weeks ago, it was a sunday so the styling was quite relaxed whilst still incorporating classic and chic tones. 


I am wearing my Cacharel Floral shift dress that I bought last Autumn, I really love this dress It's been such a versatile piece and whatever season, I know I can rely on going to this dress if I am really stuck for finding something to wear. See up until this look I don't think I had print clashed this dress, so with that in mind I teamed it with another wardrobe staple - my breton striped top, easy! Then just added in some other basics like my Chloe ballet flats and my Chanel bag…OH and of course the Ray Bans.


 I can't say that it was the best day for just do nothing with my hair and leaving it down as it was indeed incredibly windy but I just tried my best to work my angles. Yes i'll admit there are a lot of photos and yes when I am wearing flats I like to hop, skip and jump around the place and yes clearly the boyfriend is not very good at capturing me mid flight, I mean come on where have my hands and the top of my head disappeared to?! Though at the same time I do quite like the fact that they are not perfection as i'm no model and my boyfriend's no photographer. 


Okay thats all my lovelies, I really hope you like. Thank you and Take care,


Daniella xox



  • Joseph Striped Top
  • Cacharel Floral Dress - Something a little similar Here
  • Chloe Flats - Here & Similar Here

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