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Pinstripe Ankles


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Even though I have had these pinstripe trousers for a good few seasons, I can't think of a more suiting time to wear them then now. Pinstripes are certainly a firm favourite for this Autumn/Winter and i'm quite happy that I don't have to shop around looking for that perfect pair, though give me the money and these Here would happily be welcomed into my wardrobe! 


And what does one do when she finds herself wearing her shirt/dress inside out just as she's about to take her outfit photos? Well, theres not a whole lot she can do out in public (though i'm sure my sister would disagree) all she could do was try an hide the label the best she could and "work it work it" ;D


Take care and thank you for reading,

Daniella xox



  • (old) Topshop Boutique Sweater - similar Here 
  • (old) topshop Backpack - similar Here 
  • E.Tautz Shirt 
  • (old) Anglomania Vivienne Westwood Trousers - similar these Here & Here 
  • Zara Shoes - Love these Here Here & Here 
  • Cooee Clear bracelet 

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Snake Sneakers


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You may recognise these sneakers i'm wearing from a "New In" post I did a little while ago and now, you can finally see me wearing them in todays outfit post! 


When I put this outfit together, I was in clearly in the mood for navy day, I started with these striped trousers of mine, they're Anglomania Vivienne Westwood and so their tailored fit, in my eyes is perfection. I wore them with this favourite checked shirt of mine, it's so easy and comfy to wear and was ideal in adding to the existing print play. I threw on a simple navy cardigan and that was that. But, then my mum finally found her old Vivienne Westwood corset she had been telling me about for ages and I simply couldn't stop myself in giving it try on. I didn't bother in taking my shirt off because the corset is a size UK12 and I knew it wouldn't have the right fit across my little A's but ended up totally digging how it looked with my outfit, so I kept it on! I think it adds an interesting touch to the look, don't you agree? 


Thank you for reading sweeties and hope you like the look. Take care,

Daniella xox


p.s I was featured on YouLookFab yesterday and I have to say, that even though I don't have a huge amount of features under my belt, it's definitely been one of favourites! Inge (who did the feature on me) is an incredible writer and the way she broke down and explained my style was done in such a way, that can only be seen as inspiring, not even I could explain the way I style my looks as well as she did. Anyway, if you would like to see and read the full feature, click Here.


  • Cos Cardigan - Similar Here 
  • Topshop Unique Shirt  - love this Here 
  • (Mums old) Vivienne Westwood Corset 
  • (old) Vivienne Westwood Anglomania  Trousers 
  • Les prairies De Paris Sneakers - Shop Here 


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LFW Day 3 Outfit - Balenciaga


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Hi everyone, 


Hope you are all well. Here is what I wore on the final day of our stay for London fashion week. I was so desperate to wear this amazing sweater by Balenciaga but I was worried that it was going to be warm but thankfully there was a chilly wind, happy days! 


So anyway when it came to wearing and styling this sweater for the first time I of course typically wanted to print clash it, so I went with these pin striped trousers that are by Vivianne Westwood Anglomania. Along with creating print play I also wanted to bring some minimal qualities to the outfit which sounds weird as the two completely contrast each other but by breaking up the two prints with a wardrobe classic such as a white shirt (stolen from the boyfriend, which I still don't think he knows about) pulling my hair back in a simple low pony and by using accessories that take a minimal form, such as my Prade tote and Illesteva sunnies bought the minimal tones to the outfit that I wanted to achieve. 


I also for the first time wore my new Alexander Wang heels, ah how I loveeee them so! I felt they tied in well not only with the colour scheme but also the sporty tones of this sweater, I must add they are very comfy to wear. 

I love that I am wearing a mix of some of my newer pieces along with some of my wardrobe classics and a piece or two from my summer buys. Shows the versatility each piece has, making me happy with my investments. 


Anyway I hope you like this look. As always I am so grateful to any comments I am lucky enough to receive. Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox


  • Illesteva Sunnies - Here
  • Balenciaga Sweater - Here
  • Vivianne Westwood Anglomania Trousers 
  • Alexander Wang Heels - Here


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