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A couple of weeks ago I got asked how to dress for the rain and I thought I would show you a couple looks of the sorta thing I would wear myself, that hopefully others will like to. Each look has a different feel dependent on if the mood of mine/yours is minimal or a little more creative, in an attempt to show diversity for rainy day styling. I myself do struggle when it rains, knowing I have to ditch any other outfit  plans I had and think of the top of my head, which I've said before is not something I feel comfortable with or am particular good at. I find a lot of the time the outfit I had originally planned to wear would be fine but it's the shoes, the shoes I tell ya that ruins it all and we all know it's not as easy as just switching to another pair because you know they don't look anywhere near as good, so if your anything like me you have to start all over again. GREAT! 


So the best thing to do is go back to basics, take what you know works best in weather conditions such as these. A pair of Jeans, black boots, a sweater and jacket will do the job, right? Yes but a little boring and definitely predictable, so simply swap the plain jumper you were reaching for and go with  comfy sweater with a cool motif on the front like this Brian Lichtenberg one and make like all those knowing bloggers and add a striking statement necklace for extra impact, as little details like this is will what set you apart from the rest. 


For another Rainy day look, think of your favourite classic pieces such as your favourite crew neck sweater, that plaid shirt that you have had for years and your trusty biker boots and no don't style them with you tired skinnies, take that sequinned skirt that you save for christmas and chuck that into the mix. Of course you need some warmer finishing touches so I would suggest going with some black tights and then adding in some thick knee socks preferably in a richer colour, such as these burgundy socks by Flake and layer them over your tights but only letting them peek out the top of your boots. Simply finish your look of with a classic tailored coat. Not only will a look like this cheer you up on a dull rainy day but you might just put a smile on all the other miserable faces that pass you by, or at the very least a look of confusion of those less creative as lets face it there a quite a few  but we must only sympathise and pray that just one day they might come across a copy of vogue. I'm just kidding, they probably have more "important" things to worry about they dressing for the rain. 


Yes I avoided wellington boots but only because I personally don't own a pair (yet) and I wanted the post to be somewhat relatable to my own style and wardrobe. Also check out these very stylish umbrellas, that Mqueen one is soooo cool and yes VERY expensive to but I love them anyway! 


Well I hope you like this post. Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox


Look One

  1. Pyrenex Coat - Here
  2. Acne Hat - Here
  3. Brian Lichtenberg Sweater - Here
  4. Topshop Necklace - Here
  5. Alaïa Umbrella - Here
  6. Topshop Boots - Here
  7. Notify Jeans - Here


Look Two 

  1. Chalayan Coat - Here
  2. Weekend By Maxmara Knit - Here
  3. Alexander Mqueen Umbrella - Here
  4. MIH Shirt - Here
  5. Milly Skirt - Here
  6. Falke Socks - Here
  7. Fiorentini & Baker Boots - Here & Here


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