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Hi everyone, 


A little bit "last week" in the blogging world I know but I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite pre Fall 2013 collections. 


1. I chose Acne not only because I am firm fan but also because of their undeniable modern and original take on androgynous tailoring. LOVE this collection! 


2. Chloe for the fact I love those cropped flares and just everything about this collection is chic chic chic! 


3. I love the earthy pallet of the Rochas collection and also the edgier take on ladylike style. 


4. Carven's collection was chic as always but I especially loved the coat and jackets, in need of every single one! 


5. Finally Celiné because OMG It's freaking Celine and well do I really need to explain myself?! Just look and you'll understand :D 


Well Hope you like. I would be interested to know whats your favourite pre collections have been so far? 


Take care,

Daniella xox


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