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This is something I wore after the first round of snow fell a couple weeks back. When we do occasionally have snow fall, most of the time I will solely dress with the snow in my mind e.g. jeans, comfy boots, big sweaters and even bigger coats but then there are times where I have to maintain a certain standard of dressing, I will of course still keep a warm coat and hat on but tend not to change what I planned on wearing before being aware of the snow. All I do is add extra leggings, tights and tops underneath my main pieces, a great way to get around not freezing to death! So I had wanted to wear this Nicole Farhi polka dot dress once again, as it had been quite a while from when I last wore it. Now I know polka dot prints aren't very "on trend" right now but i've always considered the print a somewhat classic and also I don't dress for trends sake, don't get me wrong I appreciate a good trend but at the end of the day I wear something because I want to, regardless to whether it's on trend or not, something I am sure many of you fellow bloggers can understand and relate to. 


So anyways I wore my dress over my trusty Jospeh leather leggings, something I always tend to gravitate towards in the colder months, I don't how I ever survived with out my leather leggings, one of my best and smartest investments. When putting this outfit together I had a rummage through my scarf and belt tub and found this old beige one of mine, a great and classic way to give a little lift to a black and navy pallet. I thought it would also be nice for a change to go for a slightly more fitted silhouette on top and chose my black blazer, not only to give balance to the look but because it also gave the look some structure. To complete the look my pointy boots came out to play and also my beanie, I liked how it added a cool urban twist. Of course I wasn't that fashion/style conscious to walk around without a proper coat and so I wore my ultimate snow and cold fighting coat, the puffer! And yes I know I know a few aren't keen but like I said before I simply love how cool and unexpected it looks with a pair of heels and a non hiking outfit. :D


Wow that was long one today! Well I hope you like the look, thank you and take care lovelies,


Daniella xx


p.s Sam sweetie you should cover your eyes for this post, it includes polka dots!!! :p 



  • No name Beanie
  • (old) Cos Puffer coat
  • (old) Warehouse Blazer - another great one Here
  • (old) Nicole Farhi Dress - Cute dress Here
  • Joseph Leather leggings - Here
  • KG Kurt Geiger Boots - HERE

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