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Hello, How is everyone this sunday? I have to say I am finding it a little hard to get back into the swing of blogging still, since taking a slightly more relaxed approach to it over Christmas. Even though I feel mentally charged, my body doesn't seem to grasp that concept. As a sufferer of M.E I can never tell if it's down to that or if other people feel the same way?! 


Anyway on to the look, as a lover of minimalism and a firm believer in classics I can't help but think that this was what inspired me to create this look. Here I am wearing a pair of my favourite jeans, I think it's their flared crop style that makes me love them so, very chic I believe. I teamed them with my favourite Chunky-knit by Weekend MaxMara, (I think all the Maxmara lines come up with beautiful, classic pieces and I believe that the cut of their clothes are worth every penny), a pair of black court shoes my camel coat and my Prada tote. I can see how this combination would come across predictable but I don't think it's fair to confuse predictability with classic as there is a fine line between the two, or at least thats my opinion. 


The only thing with a classic look is that sometimes it can be a little more refreshing to somehow  make it your own and just separate it from the rest, even if it's just in miner way. And that's why I added in these Topshop red checked socks and my Ilesteva sunglasses, I thought it was enough to make the look appear a little more personal whilst also giving it a slight modern edge. 


Anyway what do you think? Look forward to reading your comments and as always I am grateful to all of those who take the time, to either just look at my post or to comment. Take care and enjoy your day,


Daniella xox

  • Illesteva Sunnies - Here
  • (old)Topshop Camel Coat - Similar Here Here & Here
  • (old) Weekend MaxMara Knit
  • J Brand GiGI Jeans
  • (old) Topshop Shoes - Similar Here & Here
  • Topshop Socks - Here

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