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Hi lovelies, 


So here is one of my favourite buys for this winter, this amazing gilet by 2nd DAY. I bought it about a month ago and have been really looking forward to wearing it. I remember trying it on when I first unwrapped it from its My Wardrobe tissue paper and showing my mum with her then proceeding to say that I looked like a sheep in reply to that I said, well the chicest damn sheep you'll ever see!


I can't say that this outfit was styled around this jacket, it was more about trying to style these old summer shorts of mine with a more autumnal flair. Their colour is a great base to start with and their slight oversized fit called for another oversized piece, so I chose this navy sweater thats actually from the mens department in M&S it's quite old but it did the job. I also added a classic white shirt underneath, as I think a navy v-neck teamed with a white shirt is such a chic combination, that I never seem to tier of and I love nothing more then taking an edgier approach to a classic combo such as this. For my shoes I couldn't resist bringing out these old knee boots of mine that I bought from Topshop years ago, I remember I loved them so much that I bought them in a size to big, so now I always have to wear them with at least two pairs of socks. Ah but it's worth it! 


I then added the gilet, it gives the look a whole different feel which is why I took photos of the outfit with and with out the gilet. It was just a little to chilly to wear the outfit with out a jacket and so that was that I gave into temptation and wore the amazing piece by 2nd Day. Wearing this created an undoubtable touch of 70's flair but with there still being a strong sense of minimal styling alongside such classic-chic pieces, made sure it was only an influence and not a running theme. Or at least that's how view it. 


Well I hope you like this look. I am truly grateful for any comments I receive. 


Take care,


Daniella xox


p.s sorry for the excessive amount of photos. It was just to hard narrowing it down this time, so I just went with it. 


  • 2nd Day Gilet - Here
  • Marks & Spencers Mens v-neck 
  • (old) By Malene Birger Shorts
  • (old) Topshop Boots - Another great pair Here


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