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How was your weekend? Yes I should be saving for christmas I know but how could I resist these amazing pieces from Cooee Design?! Exactly I couldn't, you all know where I am coming from. 


I have to say it was extremely difficult trying to keep the purchases to a minimal, as you can see. It's probably due to the fact that each piece feels so unique. Even though I am usually more of necklace kinda gal, I found myself gravitating more towards the bracelets as to me they are just so different to anything you would normally find in the shops. Their modern, minimal and subtly striking appeal is simply something that can not be ignored. For me they are a good investment, which is ultimately what pushed me to get them. I can wear each piece individually for an extra minimal approach or pile them up, as each piece only compliments the next in an unexpected way. 


I also took the time to find out about shipping, the Cooee Designs online store ship all around the world and you can also find Cooee at the online store Kabiri. Just incase any of you were wondering like I was.


Ahh I'm sooo looking forward to wearing and styling these pieces. Hope you like my latest buys. :) 


Thank you and take care,


Daniella xox


Find these Pieces Here



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