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Back with another short post, just to show you a couple of the gifts I received for Christmas. I had been after some good dvd box sets for a while and my lovely boyfriend bought me Gossip Girl (think it's series 5) and Boardwalk Empire. I think i'll start watching Boardwalk Empire tonight and with that, I just know it's only going to encourage my love for 1920's fashion. He also bought me this cool clock for the bedroom, which seemed to be a running theme for this Christmas with my mum also gifting me a lot for my room including some really nice bedding and this beautiful stand, which I'll probably put necklaces on, which will make my jewellery case very happy as it's currently bursting at the seems. 


I was also lucky enough to receive this Acne sweater from the boyfriend, can't tell you how happy I was, as I thought it had sold out but the clever sod managed to find one! Though as it is a mens sweater, I have a feeling I won't be the only one in this relationship wearing it! Oh and what do you think of these nail colours? I lovee them and am already wearing the pinky colour. And the necklaces you are seeing aren't new but I just wanted to show you some outfit details of what I wore Boxing day.


Well I'll be back on sunday with an outfit post for you all, as it has been far to long! Take care and have a great weekend,


Daniella xox



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