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So the reason I called this post "foggy" is as you can probably already tell is because of the foggy weather we had when we were taking these photos. I wore this outfit over a month ago now and it was when I was up very early to go to London and well the weather was like I said very foggy. We had very little time and my sister was the only one available to take my photos, which meant I was unable to mess with the settings, so i've had to try and sort the pictures out myself but lets be honest they aren't great. 


Anyway because I would be traveling and walking quite a bit throughout the day I needed to stay as comfy as I could, so the styling was really quite simple. I wore my splendid navy turtleneck with this super chic skirt by Vanessa Bruno, which you would of seen before but the last time I styled it was at LFW and I stupidly got carried away and forgot to take photos, such a shame because I really loved wearing that outfit. Oh well. I wore this navy Surface to air jacket, as not only dose is look cute with the skirt and of course keep me really warm but I also really like how the navy looks with the olive colour of my skirt.  


I finished of with my Grenson brogues, as it doesn't get much comfier then these, unless I was willing to loose all sense of style. I as well wore my Marc by Marc jacobs bag, Topshop beanie (last time you'll see it featured in a post as this was the day it got stolen) and of course the Ray Bans. All great pieces for bringing a slightly edgier tone to the look. 


Well Thats all for now folks. Back soon (with some good pictures) and take care,


Daniella xox

  • Topshop Beanie (sold out) Even better One-HERE
  • Surface to Air Jacket
  • Splendid Navy Turtleneck - Here
  • Vanessa Bruno Skirt - Here
  • Grenson Brogues - Here
  • Marc by marc jacobs Bag 


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