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Good afternoon, 


I guess when styling this look I wanted to be able to combine edginess and androgyny with clear classic elements. So I started of with my Joseph leather leggings and styled them with my Cos A-line shirt, I can't believe how much I have worn this shirt, I guess I just really love it's shape and the way it hangs. So these two pieces styled together was a great base for creating that classic and edgy balance and to highlight those edgy tones I wore these chunky Jeffery Campbell shoes, I especially like how they look with a cropped pair of trousers. 


To set an androgynous tone I wore this vintage navy blue skinny tie and added in my Topshop necklace over the top for extra point of detail. I was originally going to go with with my leather biker jacket but then I tried on this coat, it's years old and it's from Aubin & wills. Over the years it's slowly became a more casual coat of mine which I tend to wear with skinny jeans, a sweater and some biker boots, so it was really nice and refreshing to be able to give it a little renewal by wearing it in what I consider to be an edgier and more minimal way but whilst still incorporating those classic tones which the coat clearly has. 


Hair was just kept minimal and accessories also but still with a classic feel. 


Well enough of the jibber jabber I'm of now. Thank you and Take care,


Daniella xox


  • (old) Aubin & Wills Coat - Another great coat Here
  • Cos Shirt
  • Topshop necklace - Similar Here
  • Joseph Leather Leggings - Here
  • (last years) Jeffery Campbell Shoes

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