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So I am not the best at packing away all my seasonal clothes, like some will go away until next summer but some will stay hanging up through the winter, in the hope of being able to get super creative and somehow make them work for the winter. 1. because I love my clothes so much, I can not bare to part from them and 2. well quite a few of my pieces are not what I consider to be cheap and dam it we are in a financial crisis! Which means I have to be savvy and make the most out of my buys. 


With all this being said, do you remember these Vanessa Bruno silk striped trousers from the summer? Well they are back with a winter/autumn make over. Yes they are paper thin and before some smarty pants makes the "but weren't you cold" remark, no, no I wasn't! I wore a pair of grey leggings underneath them and yes I said leggings because yes I do own them and no they don't only have to be worn with Ugg boots and preppy hoodies, or is that just where I live?! Originally the idea was for them not show but then I was indecisive about that and kinda just let them do their own thing and if they peeped out the bottom of the trousers, then that would be fine, guess it just adds detail to the look. I styled them with my charcoal grey Cos sweater from last year and my Topshop camel coat also from last year, the sweater was cosy and the coat gave the outfit some classic and tailored direction. I liked how with adding the classic shoes and accessories, with the exception of my sparkle sparkle beanie the look ended up feeling and looking like bed wear with glam and chic twist. 


Before I go we have all been there right, when it gets really awkward shooting your pictures in a public place because of those people who were either not bought up with manners or just forget and simply go right ahead and stare. Well it's for that reason I tend to take my pictures somewhere a little more quite as it just puts me on edge and then it shows in my photos but this day I was feeling a little brave and went to my usual spot for when I am feeling brave, all was fine until this one guy decided to not only obviously stare whilst passing by but actually stop to watch for about ten minutes, or least it felt that long. I mean he might as well of pitched up a tent and made himself a nice cup of tea! At first I was like okay, weird but then I just broke out into laughter and couldn't stop but luckily I found some pictures where I had managed to compose myself. Ahh the joys of being a blogger! 


Well I hope you like the look. Thank you my dears and take care,


Daniella xox

  • Topshop Beanie (sold out)
  • (last years) Topshop Coat - Similar Here & Here
  • (last years) Cos Sweater 
  • Vanessa Bruno Trousers - Here and they are Half Price
  • Miu Miu Shoes - Here

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