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Whenever I am asked What my wardrobe staples are I have to admit a Breton striped top is quickly becoming one of my first replies. Originally they were designed for the men of the french navy but as I am sure all of your fashionistas already know it was Coco Chanel herself that first seen the potential that this print had to offer and it was because of that genius thinking that the striped top has become such a chic and classic piece one can own. 


I remember the first time that I invested in a good breton striped top, in fact it's the one you are seeing in all these photos above. It is by Joseph, I bought it two years ago and I think I paid roughly about ninety pounds. A lot of money some may think and some may even argue that you can instead just pop to your local Primark and probably save I don't know, about eighty pounds but all I would say to that is, I have worn this top a stupid amount of times over the last couple of years, it is a sure go-to piece of mine and even with all the washes it's been through, the fit and shape has remained just as beautifully perfect as when I first bought it. This is why if you have the money to spend on clothes why not invest it in something as chic and timeless such as a breton striped top because at least in my case it's been one of my smartest clothing investments to date.    


The striped top for me works from season to season and the styling possibilities are endless or at least in my opinion. You can wear it dressed up or dressed down, you can mix with almost any print because of it's classic form and whether you are Male or Female, older or younger the striped top is a wardrobe staple for all. Basically in short I AM IN LOVE WITH THE STRIPED TOP AND I AINT AFRAID TO SHOW IT! 


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Below are some links to some striped top that I have found online


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